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He came from a family of famous architects, his father was the architect Joaquín García de Torres and his uncles were the famous Ildefonso de Iniesta Bejarano y Durán and Miguel Custodio Durán. He was one of the first academicians of merit named by the academy of San Carlos and of which he boasted of being “the oldest architect.”[1] He was a moderate Baroque architect.

He was a moderate baroque architect with a tendency to serenity and balance of decorative forms, possibly the master who developed the longest construction activity in Mexico City,[2] being his work so extensive that it is difficult to document it accurately as he was one of the architects preferred by the novo-Hispanic society for the realization of opinions, surveys, valuations, remodeling and repairs in both civil constructions and temples. He worked for the Royal University, as well as for the nuns of San Lorenzo, La encarnación, Santa Teresa, La Concepción and Regina Coeli, among others.[1] In 1786 he participated in the call to finish the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City, presenting his project to the cathedral’s chapter, but the winner was the project of José Damián Ortiz de Castro.

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Degree in Business Administration from the University of Valencia. Master’s Degree in Taxation from the College of Economists of Valencia. Master in Taxation by Centro de Estudios Garrigues I Law & Business School. Intense training in preparation for competitive examinations (tax, commercial, civil, etc.) and has various and diverse courses related to economic and financial matters.

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Journalist. He has developed his professional career in television, working in “Televisió de Catalunya” as a journalist and reporter and holding the position of head of sports acquisitions in the Sogecable group, currently DTS.

Graduated in Law from the Antonio Nebrija University in Madrid and in Criminology from the Catholic University of Murcia UCAM, Master in Prevention Management from the European Institute of Health and Social Welfare, Diploma in Security from ICADE. He is certified as a CFE fraud examiner by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ACFE.

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Su música ha sido interpretada por importantes conjuntos como el Ensemble Intercontemporain, Wiener Klaviertrio, Quatour Diotima, Brodsky String Quartet, Notos Quartett, Trío Arbós o Sigma Project, y directores como Gianandrea Noseda, Gustavo Gimeno, Vasily Petrnko, Clemens Schuldt, Juanjo Mena, Paul Daniel, Ari Rasilainen o Rossen Milanov, entre muchos otros, han dirigido sus obras con numerosas orquestas.

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Ha recibido diversos galardones, entre ellos el de la SGAE (Madrid, 1992), el de Gaudeamus (Ámsterdam, 1995), el Premio Valentino Bucchi (Roma, 1997), el Premio Reina Sofía (Barcelona, 1999), The Millennium Chamber Players (Chicago, 2008), el Premio Nacional de Música 2012 y el Premio Fundación AEOS:BBVA 2015.

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Get trained with a curriculum that covers all the fields of action of a pharmacist and includes more than 1,800 hours of practice between the laboratories of the faculty, pharmacy offices and hospitals. During your studies you will solve clinical cases in simulation and explore all areas of science (chemistry, biology and pharmacy) to become a highly qualified pharmacist.

Study in a faculty with more than 60 teaching and research laboratories with advanced instrumentation: Pharmacy Office Practical Classroom, Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit, X-Ray, Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Herbarium, Cell Culture Unit, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Biostatistics Unit…

The University of Chicago (Clinical Trials Management)The CEU-The University of Chicago Program is aimed at students in the School of Pharmacy who want to acquire an in-depth understanding of clinical trials management and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to lead clinical research studies. It includes a training period in Madrid and a semester of training in Chicago (USA).

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